Phase III Environmental Site Assessments

PM Environmental is a leading provider of Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) across the United States. Phase III ESA’s, also known as Remediation Investigations/Feasibility Studies, are a necessary step in the environmental remediation process of environmental contaminants from a property. Our Phase III services include but are not limited to.

  • Identifying the extent of environmental contaminants found during the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment process.
  • Determining the amount of soil and groundwater impacted by environmental contaminants.
  • Completing a Site Notification Report to notify regulatory bodies of site contamination.
  • Develop a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) to remove environmental contaminants from the property.
  • Assessing options available for parties involved, including costs and timelines of remediation.

Purpose of a Phase III ESA

During a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, intrusive testing is performed on a property to determine if environmental contaminants are present on a property. If no contaminants are found, a Phase III Assessment is not necessary. However, if contaminants are found, a Phase III Assessment takes the information from a Phase II and determines the extent of contamination of the property. It is a much more detailed investigation of the property, and is necessary to uncover additional information before remediation work can take place.

A Phase III ESA should allow parties involved to develop a plan of remediation, which needs to have the approval of local, state and federal environmental agencies. It will also detail a full scope of options for all parties and time and costs involved with cleanup.

Environmental engineers typically will conduct additional testing to determine the extent of pollution on the property. Common tests may include:

  • Groundwater testing
  • Subsurface soil assessment
  • Sediment testing
  • Assessing pathways of contaminants in soil and groundwater

The environmental consultants and engineers at PM Environmental are experienced at conducting Phase III Assessments, and are knowledgeable of the steps and requirements necessary in conducting the process. To learn how we can help plan your needed Phase III ESA, please contact us.